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Children looking at I Can Speak cards

Review – Chatting with Children

Perhaps it’s having two older brothers, perhaps it’s simply because she gets less time alone with me ‘n’ Mr Enemy (cue maternal guilt), but Littlest is not very verbal . So I was delighted to be asked to review a ‘Chatting with Children’ pack from I CAN, the children’s communication charity. The pack consists of […]

Vintage suitcase

I’m going to Britmums Live!

So tomorrow I’m joining 500 mothers at Britmums Live!, a conference for parent bloggers. Just imagine it: rampant, roaring hoardes of lovely ladies – lunchbox-preparers; bottom-wipers and schoolbag sherpas – descending on the city of London in a burst of spots, stripes, Cath Kidston florals and laptops. Am I excited?  Hell, yes! Part of that […]

Scone at the Balcony Cafe, National Museum of Scotland

Scone watch – National Museum of Scotland

A while back, I published my most popular post ever – it was called Introducing… Scone Watch and it was basically a cunning plan which involved visiting nice cafes, eating scones and writing about them. I haven’t done nearly as much scone eating since then as I had hoped but –breaking news –  I have […]


Standing desks – not just health benefits and literary greatness

Over the last year, standing desks have received a lot of attention. The internet abounds with cheery headlines like “How sitting may be killing you!”; articles on the health benefits of standing and stories of literary greats like Dickens, Hemingway, Woolf owing their success to being stander-uppers. Not dying and achieving literary greatness merely by […]

Herman the Friendship cake in bowl covered with a tea towel

Am I a cake killer?

That’s what I was asking my sister the other night. The day before she had given me a plastic tub and a couple of typewritten pages of paper. ‘It’s Herman,’ she said. ‘Herman the Friendship Cake.’ I was confused. More so when we got home and I peeped inside the tub. Not a cake at […]


Are you tired of wasting time online (I)?

Are you tired of wasting time online? (I)

I am. I recently undertook a truly unpleasant exercise – keeping a note of what I actually did when writing the first draft of a post. What started with a relevant question (is Evernote available for pc AND mac or just mac?) ended up as a hunt for a cool anniversary present for Mr. Enemy, […]

Ah... the difference some water & carrots make...

Crisis containment for beginners

‘See you at lunchtime!’ shouts Mr Enemy as he bundles the Little Enemies into the car so I can have some time write. I wave them off, practically dancing in anticipation of the bliss of solitude.   • Fast forward 90 minutes • I’m deep in the world of my novel. Is that the door? […]


Introducing… Scone Watch

This is a new occasional column devoted to the humble scone, and most importantly, where to find the really good ones. It is extremely disappointing to find the sort of teashop or café that looks as if it would do a fantastic scone, only to be served a day-old scone, or even worse, a shop-bought […]


One way to do sculpture with children

It’s been cold and wet recently and with another month or two of this sort of weather expected (we are in Scotland after all) I’ve been putting my mind to Creative and Fun Indoor Pursuits. The other day we had run out of bread and the thought of taking three bedraggled children to the supermarket […]

Cat holding new business card

Let’s have coffee… here’s my card

For the last goodness-knows-how-many years, along with every Amazon order has been a Vistaprint flier. I finally succumbed and ordered business cards but – here’s the cunning twist – not necessarily for business purposes. They have arrived and they are very pleasing – tasteful (but quirky) ochre. Now, I haven’t actually used them yet. In […]